My Berkeley Itinerary

We first stopped at the original Peet’s Coffee, remodeled although with original artifacts and memorabilia. A block away on Shattuck Avenue we sampled and learned about new types of cheese at the Cheese Board Bakery and Collective. Across the street we enjoyed lunch at the Chez Panisse Cafe. A mile away we shopped at the fabulous Berkeley Bowl grocery emporium that is like a farmers supermarket under one roof. After a zig zag through Berkeley, we stopped on Hopkins Street to visit Monterey Fish, the retail store from whom we get our wholesale fish in the restaurants. A few doors away is Magnani's Poultry, Monterey Market, a smaller version of Berkeley Bowl but with equally fine produce, and Gioia Pizza, for a snack. Off we went to San Pablo Avenue to Tokyo Fish for their fine selection of Asian groceries. Right next-door is Leslie Ceramics for anything you need if you are a potter, like me. A half block away is Hida Tools, where John loves to shop for excellent garden tools, like hand saws and pruning lopers, and chefs drool over the Japanese knives. Just down the road is the Spanish Table with its broad selection of food ingredients from Spain, including a fine selection of Spanish wine. Last but not least, we stopped for Indian street food at Vik’s Chaat Corner and Market on 4th Street. The Dahi Batata Puri with yogurt, tamarind, and cilantro sauces will sustain you for the ride home.

Cindy's recipe for South African bobotie from her new cookbook is highlighted.

Cindy is one of The Coolest People in Food