Steamed Butter & Herb Potatoes

1 pound potatoes, fist size or smaller with soft, tender skins (freshly harvested if possible).
butter, melted and bubbly hot
2 tablespoons herbs per pound of potatoes. Either chive, tarragon, or basil; choose one, minced.
sea salt

Rinse well and while wet sprinkle with Maldon sea salt or another tasty sea salt (sel gris, Himalayan, or smoked salt).

I have a French copper pot, but any steamer or pot with a steamer basket will do. Place the potatoes in the steamer basket. Fill the pot with a couple of inches of water and when it boils, cover, and turn to medium heat. Check after 10-15 minutes. Test with a fork, not a knife for doneness. Potatoes should be soft but not falling apart.

To serve, place in a warmed bowl, drizzle with hot melted butter and the minced herb. Serve immediately.

Note: for potato salad, slightly smash or cut up cooked potatoes and add freshly squeezed lemon juice (1/2 lemon per pound of potatoes) while still hot.

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