Golden and Yellow Tomato, Chili, and Lemongrass Jam

This is so beautiful and great as part of a BBQ sauce* over poultry, lamb and pork.
It's a wonderful way to use up the end of summer produce in your garden or visit your local farmers market
. - CP

6 ¾ # yellow and orange tomatoes (you can use any color) cored, peeled and roughly chopped
 - no need to make them small as they cook down
2 stalks lemon grass bulb ends smashed and tied for easy removal
4 shallots sliced in rings
2 fully ripe red padrone chilies sliced or other hot chili
7 c. sugar

Combine all ingredients in a heavy pot and cook until thick and jam-like. Can or freeze if desired.

*For my BBQ sauce, take one cup of the above and add 1 C white wine and 2 Tbs soy sauce and bring to the boil. Cool and use to baste what you are bbq’ing towards the end of the cooking time, to give the food a nice bright flavor and appetizing glaze.